Audio Book Recording Bristol

With the ever increasing popularity of audible, and other platforms, more and more publishers and authors are offering their work as audio books Here at Barewall Studios in Bristol we can guide you through the entire process from recording to audible upload of your audiobook.


If you are an author you can read your own material or choose a type of voice from one of our narration team. If you choose to read your audiobook yourself you may find you are a little nervous! Don't be! Our friendly and understanding engineers will make the entire experience pain free, as well as enjoyable and truly memorable.


You will record in our custom vocal booth and can choose to sit or stand. We would suggest reading words from an iPad or flat laying book/script as you will need to face and direct your voice towards the microphone and also will need to lay the book down as holding it causes paper rub and rustle noises. It is also very useful for the engineer to have a copy of the book to follow. Mistakes, hesitations and coughs are no issue at all as they can be edited out of the final file.


Once your book has-been recorded, the next stage is THE EDIT. This is carried out by the engineer who may be assisted by a member of our edit team. Here mistakes are erased and the audiobook begins to take shape, it is divided into chapters, and any unwanted noises and background sounds are eliminated.


Once this is done, the audiobook is ready for the final stage of production...MASTERING AND FINISHING. Mastering is where any compression needed is applied, differences in volume are smoothed out, and eq may be applied to enhance and enrich the spoken voice. The whole file is then formatted to adhere to the specific requirements laid down by audible, and finally, the journey of your audio book is complete and ends returning to its author, ready to be uploaded whenever you want to release it.


Price depends on the length of the audiobook, but as a guideline voice recordings for audiobooks are charged at £25/hour (min 3 hours) or £175/ day (8 hours) Editing is charged at £25 /hour and normally takes around 1.5x the length of recorded voice. Mastering is charged at £40/hour


Why not call us and arrange to visit our Bristol studio for a no obligation chat.