Brass Band Recording South West

Bare Wall Studios reputation within the brass band recording area is highly regarded and ever increasing. Our lead engineer was born and bred in the brass band world playing since the age of 10 for bands ranging from Lions band through to R.A.F St. Athans. The art of recording a brass band can only truly be understood by a seasoned player.


We understand the difficulties of getting both pro and amateur players together which is why our most popular packages includes the use of our on-site rig allowing 16 simultaneous tracks recorded at a location suitable for your band.

For local venues we will happily come to you during a rehearsal to get an idea of acoustics and give our honest opinion. For bands further afield we ask for photos of the room along with a few video clips of a rehearsal (taken from a phone is fine!)

Unlike many recording studio's mobile set up, our 16 mic set up containing only high quality mics from Neumann, Shure, Rode, AKG and Sennheiser, gives a full band image whilst allowing giving separate sections slight boosts if needed.


Packages start at just £450 and include all the work needed to have audio files ready for CD or digital distributions. This includes:
- Recording time

- Editing

- Mixing

- Mastering

- Artwork Design for digital distribution


Add 100 fully printed CDs in cardboard cases for only £135

Our packages cater for bands ranging from amateur youth bands to world famous touring bands.

Questions? contact us.

View our demos on Soundcloud from the charity youth brass band group "Lions Brass 4 Youth" each player aged under 18 their feature song now has over 45,000 plays.

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