Choir Recordings

One of Bare Wall Studios areas of forte are choir and voice ensemble recordings.


Our relationships with acoustically prime locations across Bristol and the South West gives prime audio footprints ranging from old church halls with high vaulted ceilings provides not only highly supportive and acoustically excellent sounds to highly reflective rock wall areas allowing us to record a huge array of genres ranging from choral, gospel, rock groups, community choirs and pop vocal groups.

Have a special sounding hall of your own?

Our on-location recording setup can come to you and is fully scale-able; a full recording exploiting the space available or it can be discrete for live recordings so as not to encroach on the concert.

Maximum of 32 simultaneous tracks, 768 tracks total.


- Large Vocal Groups and Choirs Recordings
- Live Instrument (including pianos, organs etc)
- Small vocal groups (style dependent)
- Jazz Bands, Big Bands, Brass Bands, Small Orchestras, Session Bands, Wind Bands etc with vocal group accompaniment.

- Gospel Choirs
- Cast Recordings

For more portfolio audio examples, please contact us.

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