Local and national restrictions have greatly reduced the number of in-house services we are able to offer. Another side effect has been an explosion in creatives writing stories, composing music and creating podcasts. For that reason we are offering some new "digital services" to edit, mix and/or master your self-recorded audio ready for release on any platform or media.

Podcast Editing

Have a podcast series or interviews that have been recorded online on platforms such as Zoom? We can take your audio, clean up both the quality and content (by removing stagnant pauses, reducing the umms and arrrs) and master the files as .wav and .mp3 files ready for your release

Song Composition

Have a song in your mind but don't have the ability to create the song? We have a huge range of extremely high quality instrument sounds, and, along with vast experience in musical composition can help turn your ideas into a song.

Song Editing, Mixing and/or Mastering

Recorded some audio at home but need it clearing up? We can advise you on the recording process to obtain the best possible home recorded audio. We can then take that audio and apply all the studio magic at our disposal to create release-ready audio fit for iTunes, Spotify and more.


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