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Studio X

Studio X - Control Room features a purpose build studio to reduce external noise. Large double frosted glass doors ensure plenty of light along with easy transportation of gear. Acoustic treatment provides an optimal listening environment. The irregular, open and airy control room measures 6.28m x 3.98m (WxL)  and features the acoustically treated live room entrance.

The main desk hosts the majority of our outboard whilst supporting both our studio grade monitors and pro control surface. A variety of outboard including graphic EQs, Reverb, Compression, DI, Audio Interfaces and Media players are also available.

The custom LED lighting lets you set the mood whilst a comfortable engineer chair and two individual rear chairs allows pre-listening and mixing/mastering to be made in comfort.

Bare Wall Studios
Recording studio vocal booth

L Room

Our custom build, asymmetric acoustically treated vocal booth features floor to ceiling treatment perfect for dry vocals, solo instruments, drums, audiobooks and voice overs. Situated within Studio X, the custom build booth is packed with gear such as headphone amp, electric stage piano, 12 in 4 out box, custom LED lighting, 24" monitor screen and HD CCTV.

Measurements: 2.89m x 2.24m (WxL)